Hit The Bucket

Hit The Bucket

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 Welcome to the carnival sensation known as "Hit the Bucket," where precision meets excitement in a game that's easy to play but challenging to master! Step up to the tossing line, grab a plastic ball, and aim to make it stay in the mini bucket for the ultimate victory.As the lively carnival atmosphere surrounds you, "Hit the Bucket" beckons participants of all ages to test their throwing skills. The goal is straightforward – with just the right touch, throw the plastic ball and watch as it skillfully lands and stays snugly inside the mini bucket. Will you hit the mark and claim bragging rights as the bucket-toss champion?

Whether you're a casual player looking for a fun diversion or a seasoned carnival enthusiast seeking a new challenge, "Hit the Bucket" guarantees laughs and camaraderie for everyone involved. The colorful buckets and playful setting add an extra layer of joy to this classic carnival game.

Gather your friends and family for friendly competitions or embark on a solo quest for bucket-toss glory. The cheers from onlookers create an atmosphere of shared excitement, making "Hit the Bucket" a standout feature at any carnival.

This game is not just about skill; it's about the thrill of hitting the target and celebrating each successful toss. So, step right up, grab a plastic ball, and see if you can master the art of landing it in the mini bucket. Join in the fun, create lasting memories, and revel in the heart of the carnival!


Set Up Options:

  • On the Ground:  Removeable Legs will be installed to elevate the game approximatly 2' off the ground.
  • Table Top: Remove the Legs and place the game on any standard heoght table (this is the Ideal game height)
  • Carnival Table: Combine this game with our 6' vinyl carnival table cover for a classic carnival look
  • GRAND CARNIVAL DISPLAY: Combine with other games to go uder our Grand Carnival Infltable for a true Midway Display.
    • Multi Game Packages Availble for this item.