Giant Electronic Operation

Giant Electronic Operation

    • Actual Size: 46" L x 22" W x 3.5' H
    • Outlets: 1
    • Age Group: All Ages

    • $125.00
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Step into the world of gigantic fun with our Oversized Operation Game – a thrilling and larger-than-life twist on the classic game you know and love! Imagine the excitement as you wield a magnetic surgical tool to carefully extract oversized body parts without setting off the buzzer and causing your patient's piece to drop.

Key Features:

  1. Giant-Sized Excitement: Our Oversized Operation Game takes the classic operation to a whole new level, providing a larger-than-life experience that's perfect for events, parties, and family gatherings.

  2. Magnetic Surgical Tool: Say goodbye to tweezers! With a magnetic tool in hand, test your precision and dexterity as you carefully maneuver to retrieve body parts without making contact with the edges.

  3. Buzzer Drama: Feel the tension rise as you approach the edges – one wrong move, and the buzzer will sound, signaling a dropped piece! It's a race against time and steady nerves.

  4. Interactive Gameplay: Engage with friends, family, or colleagues in a game that combines skill and amusement. Cheer each other on as you take turns attempting to become the master surgeon.

  5. Perfect for Events: Make your next event unforgettable with the Oversized Operation Game. Whether it's a party, team-building activity, or a family reunion, this game adds a giant dose of laughter and friendly competition.

  6. Eye-Catching Design: The oversized game board and vibrant design make the Oversized Operation Game a visually appealing centerpiece for any gathering. It's not just a game; it's a spectacle!

  7. Great for All Ages: Kids and adults alike will delight in the oversized antics of this classic game. It's a fantastic way to bring generations together for a shared experience.

Bring out the giant surgeon in you and experience the thrill of our Oversized Operation Game. With magnetic precision, nerve-wracking buzzer moments, and endless entertainment, this game is guaranteed to be a highlight at any event. Can you perform the perfect surgery without a slip? Find out as you embark on a jumbo-sized operation adventure!