Fun Derby Race Package

Fun Derby Race Package

    • Actual Size: 34'L x 18'W x 10'H
    • Outlets: 1 - 20amp circuit
    • Age Group: For Participants 180lbs and under

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Introducing "Fun Derby," where the thrill of the racetrack meets the joy of bouncing fun! Gather your friends and saddle up on our inflatable horses for an exhilarating ride like no other. The objective is simple: bounce your way through the starting gate, navigate the inflatable race track, and gallop your trusty steed to victory at the finish line.

Our inflatable track is designed with three race lanes, allowing friendly competition to unfold as participants hop, skip, and jump towards glory. The vibrant colors and engaging design create a festive atmosphere, making Fun Derby the perfect addition to any event or celebration. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, corporate event, or community fair, this game guarantees laughter and excitement for participants and spectators alike.

The inflatable horses add an extra layer of whimsy to the experience, transforming the traditional derby race into a hilarious and memorable adventure. Participants of all ages can join the race, creating a lighthearted and inclusive atmosphere that encourages friendly rivalry and camaraderie.

Fun Derby is not just a game; it's an experience that brings people together for a shared moment of joy and amusement. So, saddle up, grip those reins, and get ready to bounce your way to victory in the most entertaining derby race you've ever experienced!


Comes with (3) horses          
Min. Height Requirement: 36"
Race Track Dimensions: 34'L x 18'W x 10'H